Spring has Spring at Your Auburn Apartment

Living in a place where the seasons change dramatically means our habits often change from cuddling in front of the fireplace with the iPad and some hot chocolate in winter to communing with the outdoors on a hike during the summer.

The season of spring often feels like a transition time when the weather is a little too chilly for the pool, but it’s too warm to partake in wintery fun. A project you may want to consider during the spring is some spring cleaning and a renewal of your Auburn apartment home.

At Amberview Apartments, you have many choices for floor plans and amenities, but it’s up to you to create a unique style within your apartment home that will reflect your own personality and character. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Is It Time for a New Style in Your Auburn Apartment?

If you’ve been living in an apartment for a few years, but you’re not too far removed from college, there’s a good chance your apartment still has many pieces of furniture from when you were in school. Maybe it’s time to donate that old coffee table and invest in a new one that you don’t need to assemble yourself.

Here are a few other areas of your apartment where you may want to make updates.Decor for Apartments in Auburn WA

Towels – It’s easy to get used to old towels because we don’t realize how poorly they absorb water after a while. If you’ve owned your towels for more than ten years, it’s time to upgrade. If they’re less than ten years old, and they were poor quality towels when you bought them, its’ definitely time to seek out some new, comfortable towels.

Art – Is the art on your walls reminiscent of a college dorm room? Do the posters lack frames? Are your pictures held up with tacks? It’s easy to find trendy pieces of wall art, as well as paintings by well-regarded artists. You might take a look and see if there are any local artists selling their paintings from galleries in Seattle.

Dishes and Cutlery – Are your dishes made of plastic? Do you have cabinets full of mismatched cups and chipped plates? New plates, glasses, and silverware might be on the menu. If you catch a sale at the right time, you can often buy new dishes and silverware at greatly reduced prices. Don’t forget to donate your old kitchen items to a charity.

Greenery – Do you have any plants in your home? Many houseplants have terrific health benefits and purify the air in your home. If you haven’t owned a houseplant before, you don’t need to feel worried about taking care of it. There are many houseplants that require watering no more than once a week.

Spend a Weekend Organizing and Donating

Unless you live like a monk, you probably have a fair amount of items stuffed in your closets that don’t need to be there anymore. Old jackets you never wear? Decorative objects that have been stored away for years? You can donate these items or sell them on eBay to make a few bucks.

Here are options for parting ways with your old stuff:Amberview Apartments in Auburn Washington

  • Visit eBay to sell your old items
  • Donate your things to a charity
  • Have a group yard sale with neighbors
  • Recycle broken or useless items

Even if you don’t end up donating anything or recycling any old items, it’s still a great idea to clean out all the crevices and storage places around your home in time for spring.

Live with Us at Amberview Apartments in Auburn WA

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