You’ve just come home from a long day at work, and the only thing you want to do is take off your shoes, throw something in the microwave, and surf the internet. While rest and relaxation are a tremendous help for your mind and body, sometimes it’s better to schedule some exercise, even if you’re a little worn out.

Did you know that exercise can make you feel more alert and can energize your body? Running a marathon or participating in a punishing type of exercise will probably wear you out, but spending a half hour on the treadmill or lifting weights for twenty minutes can actually help make your mind sharper, as well as provide terrific health benefits.

Here are a few ways you can make the most of a healthy lifestyle and living with us at Amberview Apartments in Auburn WA.

Set Some Small Goals and Get Going

One of the mistakes many people make when adopting an active lifestyle is going overboard with activities and burning out within a few weeks – or even a few days. Dedicating yourself to training for a marathon or lifting a certain amount of weight at the gym is a laudable goal, but there’s no reason you have to go “gung-ho” right at the start.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had a regular exercise routine, you might try something a little smaller as far as goals are concerned. Perhaps running a marathon is on your bucket list, but you might have an easier time training for a 5K race, particularly if you’re a beginning runner. Join a local running group or enjoy working out at the clubhouse and its health and fitness center at Amberview.

Other small goals you may choose include:Exercise Equipment Auburn WA Apartments

  • Taking the stairs whenever possible
  • Walking or bicycling to work (if distance permits)
  • Taking 10,000 steps a day (somewhere around 4 miles)
  • Getting up from your desk at work every 15 minutes
  • Going for a walk at lunch instead of getting fast food
  • Making use of at least one exercise machine each day

You might even put a few of these goals on your list and try to do any one of them each day. Mixing up the activities you participate in each day can make it easier to find an activity you like and stick with it or turn it into a habit.

Perhaps you’ve never hiked before, but you decide to explore the trails around Auburn. Maybe you’ve never bicycled for more than a few miles before, and you realize that cycling is a sport you can learn to love. Try many activities, and figure out what makes you excited to get active each day!

Auburn Apartments with Swimming PoolExercising at Amberview Apartments

In addition to the wealth of amenities you’ll find inside your Amberview apartment, you’ll also find many community amenities designed to make it easy to get out and get active. There’s a tennis court if you’re interested in swinging a racket, as well as a cool clubhouse with its very own health and fitness center.

Also, you can have some fun in the invigorating outdoor heated pool, which is a delight when it’s cool outside, as well as in the warmer months when the sun shines brightly on the pool’s crystal clear waters. One of the best parts of living at Ambeview is that you can cap off an afternoon or evening spent exercising with a few minutes in the relaxing hot tub!

Are you ready to discover everything that Auburn, Washington has to offer? Do you want to live in an apartment community that’s close to schools and shopping but which also offers terrific on-site amenities like a pool and gym? Enjoy the best of what Auburn has to offer from the comfort and convenience of an apartment at Amberview. Get in touch for a tour today; we’re sure you’ll want to put in an application right away!