rural versus city life in Seattle metropolitan

If your job requires you to move to the Seattle area for work, you will have many options to choose from for your future lifestyle. One of those decisions is whether you should live in the urban center of Seattle or reside in one of the many communities that surround the metropolitan area. You can choose a suburban area with a slightly urban feel, like Auburn, or a community with hints of a rural lifestyle, like Fall City or Snoqualmie.

But, if you’ve always lived in the city or you’ve never been out of the ‘burbs, how do you know which environment will suit you the best after you relocate?

Here are some things to consider as you think about whether the you should live in the city or the suburbs.

A Recent Survey on Urban and Suburban Lifestyles

A fascinating and far-reaching poll published by City Lab recently revealed some interesting statistics about demographic groups and their lifestyle preferences. It found that 45% of people aged 50+ rated their community as an excellent place to live. For people 50+ living in urban areas, only 38% of people rated their experience as excellent.

Similarly, the number of people aged 18 to 49 rated their urban home excellent was 29%. Those in non-urban areas aged 18 to 49 rated their community experience as excellent at a rate of 39%. Overall, survey participants under and over the age cutoff of 50 were more likely to rate a non-urban experience as “excellent” and an urban experience as “good.”

While this study gave a lot of insight into urban and city living, it’s not possible to come to a final decision based upon the answers from a single survey. It’s important to also consider the benefits of living in an urban environment versus those in a non-urban or rural environment.

Here are some positive benefits for both suburban and city living.

seattle parksPositive Features of Suburban Life

For families and couples who enjoy the suburban lifestyle, there are many benefits to suburban living.

  • Suburban homes and yards are usually bigger than their urban counterparts. Although there are some large properties in urban areas, it’s much easier to find affordable housing with many square feet in suburban or rural areas. You’ll often pay less per square foot when you trade an urban address for a suburban home or apartment.
  • Rural areas make it easy to connect with the outdoors and nature. When you get outside in the city, you’ll usually need to head to a manmade park to enjoy the outdoors. You may even need to drive several miles to find a place for a peaceful respite. With rural living, you might have peace and quiet just steps from your front door.
  • Suburban life feels less stressful and busy than urban life. One of the lifestyle improvements that families often enjoy when living in the suburbs is the quiet and peaceful pace of life versus the big city. The frenetic pace of an urban environment is often appealing to young couples. However, many families eventually want a quiet place to live.

Benefits of Living in an Urban Areaseattle public transportation

Just how rural and suburban areas offer a variety of perks to residents, urban areas also provide some excellent benefits.

  • It’s easy to get around in the city. A rural area probably won’t have a public transportation system, so it’s necessary to own your vehicle when you live in the country. In some urban areas, you can give up the hassle and expense of a vehicle in favor of using public transportation or using a bicycle to get around.
  • There are tons of things to do in urban areas. It’s difficult to feel bored when the city is right outside your doorstep. People who live in urban areas find it easy to fill up their schedules with new things to do every single weekend.
  • It’s fun to make friends in the city. In rural areas, it’s often difficult to cultivate a large circle of friends unless you already know a few people in the community. An urban environment offers endless opportunities to make new friends.

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