Choosing Between a House or Apartment in Auburn

There are a surprising number of advantages to living in an apartment, and you may find that the apartment lifestyle is the one most suited to your needs. Do you associate apartment life with something similar to the dorm room you had in college or the first apartment you lived in after you graduated from high school?

If so, you may want to explore the benefits of living in a modern apartment community with all the comforts of home, as well as some financial advantages, too. Here are a few reasons to tour an apartment community in Auburn like the Amberview Apartments.

Enjoy the Convenience of a Caring Management Team

A small apartment community with just a few units might not have an on-site team or manager’s office, so it can be a little challenging to get a timely fix for things like minor plumbing emergencies or other issues you might face while living in the complex. When you choose to live in a well-appointed apartment community like Amberview, you’ll enjoy the personal attention and assistance through 24-hour emergency maintenance.

This advantage not only makes apartment life in a large apartment community more convenient than living in a small building, but it also means an easier lifestyle than if you were to choose to live in a single-family home. The responsibilities and time commitment that comes along with home ownership can be rewarding, but they can also take up your every second of free time. If you’re looking for a worry-free and convenient lifestyle, living in an apartment is your best bet.

Spacious Apartments in AuburnLive Economically, But Live Luxuriously

Saving money and budgeting wisely is important whether you’re living with your family, a significant other, or are looking for a solo residential experience. Apartment life offers many ways to save money on costs that quickly drain your bank account. For example, your apartment owner will probably pay some of your utilities (often trash and water, but it varies).

These costs are often your responsibility in a house whether you own it or rent it. Choosing to live in a house with a mortgage means paying electricity, gas or oil (if you have them), trash, and water, as well as communication needs like phone, internet, and television. All those bills can add up very quickly in a month, particularly if you’re on a tight budget.

A Safe, Community Atmosphere

Amberview Apartments-Auburn WAThere are all sorts of security devices you can install in your home today that can provide superior security to you and your family, but they often require monthly monitoring agreements, as well as installation of features like surveillance cameras and proximity alarms. Living in an apartment complex can offer some simple protections and security features that you might not expect.

For example, it’s common to get to know your neighbors in an apartment community, so it’s helpful to talk with one another and keep an eye out for suspicious happenings. Some apartment communities even have valuable security features like restricted access to the residential buildings, gated access to the property, closed-circuit television surveillance, and guard patrols. You can feel safe in a secure and brightly lit apartment community.

Amberview Site Map New LogoTour Many Apartment Sizes & Properties

We think you’ll love living at our apartment community, but we encourage you to arrange for a tour of a few different properties, so you can get a good idea of what type of apartment community will suit you best. Will you choose an Auburn apartment complex like the Amberview Apartments where you’ll have access to a wealth of amenities?

We offer many different floor plans, and we’re sure you’ll find one of our apartment homes to be the exact style and size you want. Contact our friendly leasing professionals today, and we’ll arrange a tour of the property, so you can see all the benefits of living with us at the Amberview Apartments.